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How to help Redundant Employees

As an employer you have no legal responsibilities to those loyal employees who have been working for you for however many years. The responsibility is more of a moral one. If the remaining employees see you as attempting to help those who have unfortunately been made redundant they will not resent the action you have taken. The amount of support you are able to offer will of course be dependant of the size of your business.

Financial Help can include

  • Comprehensive advice regarding the employees Redundancy Payment
    • Tax implications
    • Pension
    • Which state benefits will be available and when



The PDCL help line number is: – 0800 585 505

The NHS Credit Crunch Stress line is: – 0300123 2000

The Redundancy Payments Helpline is: – 0845 145 0004

Practical Help can include


Offer the help of an outplacement agency or alternatively help with interview techniques

Contact other local employers and put your redundant employees in communication with them

Offer time on company computers for employees to search for alternative work or assistance with retraining

Offer help with CV’s writing, templates and content

Offer to keep the redundant employees details to hand in case the business picks up- ask if they would want to return to work at your premises

Offer one to one counselling to your employees or seek assistance from charity organisations who could offer this service.

Keep notice boards current with any company vacancies

If you have apprentices who will be made redundant you can contact their provider so they are able to assist them.

Like wise if you employ a 16-17 year old  it would be good practice to contact your local Connexions direct http://www.connexions-direct.com/index.cfm?go=localServices  who will be able to off support and advice



Job centre Plus is under the umbrella of the Directgov website now and offers all sorts of advice on retraining, grants available and careers available. Below is a list detailing regions and contact details so you are able to access them immediately or alternatively you can Click Here http://jobcentreplus.gov.uk/jcp/Customers/parents_/Looking_for_a_job/index.html


Scotland  0131 221 4231Or

0141 207 3230 

Jobcentre Plus
Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street
EH3 9SHJobcentre Plus
Corunna House
39 Cadogan Street
G2 7SS


Wales 01970 653 125Or

02920 804 124

Jobcentre Plus
Employer Engagement
Office for Wales
4th FloorCompanies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UW 
London  020 7342 3079  Jobcentre Plus
Office of the Director
Employer Engagement Team
Level 4
Tresco House
65 Lisson Grove
NW1 6UW 
East of England 01223 884 679  Jobcentre Plus
East of England Regional Office
Capital Park
CB1 5XE 
North East 0191 211 4212Or

0191 211 4283


Jobcentre Plus
North East Region
Broadacre House
Market Street (East)
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 6HQ 
North West  0161 873 1281Or

0161 873 1023


North West Regional Office
Ontario House
2 Furness Quay
M50 3XZ 
Yorkshire and the Humber 0113 307 8221 Jobcentre Plus
Regional External Relations Team
Yorkshire and the Humber
Whitehall II
East MidlandsDerbyshire:


Leicestershire & Northamptonshire


Lincolnshire & Rutland



 01332 714 759


0116 206 8276

01522 343 053

0115 979 3678

West MidlandsBirmingham & Solihull

Black Country Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Walsall

Coventry & Warwickshire



Shropshire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire


 0121 255 8351

01902 435 163

02476 232 598

01432 363 672


 01562 623 661

01782 382 164

South East 01483 446 078 South East Regional Office
3rd Floor Ranger House
Walnut Tree Close
South West 0117 945 6639Or

0117 945 6840


Jobcentre Plus External Relations Team
Customer Services Director’s Office South West
6th Floor
The Pithay


Early Retirement


This may be an option open to you if you would like to take it in preference to redundancy. A proportion of companies are offering this as a way of reducing their work force on a more informal basis, however there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account before you go down this route.

If you have planned on taking early retirement that is an option you have clearly been preparing for. This will have meant taking all your finances in hand including maximizing your retirement contributions and making sure your investment portfolio is comprehensive. You will have reduced you debts to the bare minimum and this includes your mortgage, your house being a huge financial asset.  If this sounds like you then congratulations very few people plan so comprehensively, you will no doubt have a very secure retirement.

Unfortunately a probably larger proportion of the country is not as fortunate and need to take into consideration that by retiring early it means that less money will have been paid into the pension pot at least 10 years less and that in monetary terms can means a reduction of 25% of your pension. These offers are not only being made to employees in their 50’s staff in their 40’s are also being offered this option.

Considerations to be taken into account before taking early retirement

  • Can I afford to do this
    • Who is still at home- partner, children, university commitments, weddings?
    • What is the minimum income requirement we need?
    • Are we going to remain in the same house or down size?
    • Do I need to supplement the income by getting another job?


You can click here to find out what you are entitled to with the state pension scheme http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Pensionsandretirementplanning/StatePension/index.htm

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