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Redundancy Criteria

If you are made redundant you need to be treated fairly this means that your employer needs to follow certain set criteria to firstly select you and then pay you if you meet the criteria.

  • You or an employee representative if over 20 people are being made redundant should be consulted face to face about your redundancy. It is very poor form to be informed by text, phone, or as some more recent employees in the banking world via the television news reports.
  • You need to have it explained how you were selected for redundancy
  • You should be told the reason for the redundancy
  • How your redundancy payments will be  calculated and provided with a written statement showing how it has been calculated
  • The time frame of the redundancy
  • Other options the company should have looked at prior to making  redundancies
    • Retraining should be looked into
    • Flexible working
    • Removing overtime
    • Laying off casual or contract workers first
    • Filling other vacant posts within the organisation
    • Seeking suggestions from the workforce as to where cut backs or improvements can be made
    • Short –time working options, it may mean reduced hours and pay but you will remain employed

If you believe that your selection for redundancy is not fair and objective you can make a claim to an Employment Tribunal within three months

The options open to the company are to offer

Voluntary redundancy:

  • The company asks for people to come forward

Compulsory redundancy:

  • The company chooses people to be made redundant

Early retiremen:

  • An alternative option

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