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Redundant Job Role – The Job Role is Redundant Not You!

It is the job role which will have disappeared and it is not you personally who is being made redundant. The words sacked, fired, dismissed and hung out to dry might come to mind and can be soul destroying. This is one of the most traumatic events to happen to an employee and often you do feel as if it is personal. However I can assure you it isn’t, analysts will have looked at the organisation as a whole and decided that certain roles can be lost without causing the company a problem. That however does nothing to diminish the feelings of rejection which you may experience. These are completely understandable feelings and if you feel overwhelmed by these emotions it may be a good idea to try to speak to a counsellor. If you are the main breadwinner for the family it can be a huge weight on your shoulders and one you will need to share. Talking to your family and friends can be very therapeutic, you may believe that you have somehow let the family down but you will be surprised at the family’s resilience, they will help, understand and support you.

Other people feel a huge relief when they have been made redundant as they may have been expecting the axe to fall at any time. Looking at alternatives and new directions to your career can be a positive way of starting to recover from the shock of the redundancy. Your company should morally try to offer you support and help in finding new employment, unfortunately sometimes company’s do not behave with that level of consideration and you can find yourself high and dry.  Try to avoid the knee jerk reaction of jumping at the first job offered, take the time to find out what career choices are open to you and choose one you want.

You may be offered the services of a career coach to help you decide what your next move is.  Make sure you maximise your time with them they can be invaluable. Career coaching can help with personality and assessment tests which help you find where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and can often help with suggestions of new career pathways.

If you have been made redundant and someone is bought in to replace you in exactly the same role, the job is not lawfully redundant. If you believe that your job role is not redundant and that you have been bumped (someone else moves into your job after theirs is made obsolete) you can consult your union or a specialist in employment law.

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